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Addiction Treatment in Lakewood, CO

At Custom Recovery We Treat Drug & Alcohol Addictions. Dr. Regina Leverrier MD Offers Personalized Treatment Options for All Patients. Doctor Leverrier’s Office Is Located at 12157 W Cedar Dr #212, Lakewood, CO 80228. Please Give Us a Call at (720)-605 4140 to Request an Appointment.

Addiction Treatment in Lakewood, CO

Addiction is a complex and baffling disease, which interferes with a person’s relationships, health, employment, family, spiritual life, and mental health. Some people find 12 step meetings helpful and some do not. There are many avenues to treating addiction, and one of them involves medications, that can help with the addiction as well as treating the underlying psychiatric condition.

Often people with addiction are given psychiatric diagnoses when they are using drugs and/or alcohol that are not accurate, and we will be able to differentiate what is a true mental health issue and what is the result of substance abuse. Mental health professionals will sometimes diagnose someone with depression, anxiety or even Bipolar Disorder, and prescribe medications that are not needed as the symptoms are related to the use of one of more substances. Dr. Leverrier is willing to work with people who have a dual diagnosis, which means a primary psychiatric illness combined with addiction, and will also make a correct diagnosis for those people who have been misdiagnosed.

The opiate epidemic is a serious problem in our country today. There are medications that can help people addicted to opiates deal with cravings and block the “high” if they do use. One medication is buprenorphine, also known as Suboxone, which Doctor Leverrier can prescribe in her practice. If the person is actively using heroin or pain pills, this medication has to be taken while the patient is in active opiate withdrawal, but once it is taken, the withdrawal symptoms quickly subside. Doctor Leverrier has patients, who have been on this medication for years with no opiate use and are working and have productive lives, and others, who want to be on it short term with the plan to be tapered down over time. There is also Naltrexone, which comes in a pill or in an injectable form known as Vivitrol. Both of these can be prescribed in Doctor Leverrier’s office.

Doctor Leverrier says, “I like to take each person’s situation differently and will sometimes see people who are suffering from addiction every week to make sure they are remaining abstinent. I also often see people who are dealing with legal problems and can provide them with letters and statements for their attorneys for court, and testimony in court if required.”

Dr. Leverrier continues, “I also can provide treatment for alcoholism which I see in all age groups. I can do a home alcohol detox if the person is healthy enough to do so. I also can provide medications which help with craving and decrease the person’s desire to drink. I work with people with cannabis, methamphetamine, cocaine and benzodiazepine abuse, and often these people need their underling psychiatric conditions treated. In addition, I can work with substance abuse programs and can refer to a treatment program if we both feel this is indicated.”

At Custom Recovery, we treat all drug addictions and can look into the underlying causes of addiction such as anxiety, trauma, psychosis, or depression as well as assist with medication to help with alcohol dependence (Antabuse, Campral and Nalrexone/Vivitrol) and opiate dependence (Suboxone, and Vivitrol). If you are addicted to Benzodiazepines the tapering process can be long and difficult, but it can be done if you are motivated for change. If your drug of choice is cocaine or methamphetamine there are some medication alternatives, as well.

“I enjoy working with this population and addiction is what brought me into psychiatry in the first place. Nowhere else in medicine do you see improvement in a person’s life in such a short period. This is the great reward of working with substance abusers…you see lives turn around 180 degrees just because they are no longer using substances and have replaced drugs/alcohol with other wonderful, productive things in their lives. Recovery from addiction is freeing and a true miracle”, says Dr. Leverrier.