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Adolescent Mental Health Treatment in Lakewood, CO

Mental Health Is an Important Part of Overall Health for Adolescents as Well as Adults. At Custom Recovery Dr. Regina Y. Leverrier Offers Individualized Treatment Plans for Teens and Young Adults. Doctor Leverrier’s Office Is Conveniently Located at 12157 W Cedar Dr #212, Lakewood, CO 80228. Please Call at (303) 339-0709 for More Information.

Adolescent Mental Health Treatment in Lakewood, CO

Dr. Regina Y. Leverrier (Dr. Reggie) has treated teens and young adults for 30 years for substance abuse disorders, mental health problems, or a combination of the two. Doctor Leverrier has worked with adolescents in community mental health centers, inpatient hospitals, emergency rooms, and most recently in a juvenile detention center, where she treated detained young males, many of who were gang related and had substance abuse issues along with mental health problems.

Doctor Reggie also specializes in treating young people, who have both a substance abuse disorder combined with a mental health problems, known as dual diagnosis. Dr. Leverrier says, “I have found that most of the time if the underlying mental health condition such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, or Schizophrenia is not treated, long term recovery is not possible. Often these young people will relapse after completing a treatment program if any of these mental health problems go untreated.”

Dr. Leverrier continues, “When I first evaluate a young person, I will meet with the family and incorporate them into the treatment. I will always see the teenager alone for their session, unless they want the family member present. I will also rule out any medical causes of any of their symptoms and if I feel they need a kind of therapy I cannot provide, I have a large network of professionals who I can refer to.”

Doctor Reggie creates a treatment plan unique to young people’s needs struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, etc. Dr. Regina Y. Leverrier at Custom Recovery is dedicated to providing the highest quality, personalized care for teens and young adults with mental health issues. “The youth of today are our future and there is an epidemic of substance abuse and suicide in our young people. I want to do everything I can to help those who are suffering and find what works for them, so they can have a successful, productive, and happy future,” Dr. Leverrier says.