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Patient Reviews in Lakewood, CO

See What People Are Saying About Us! Dr. Regina Leverrier MD Provides 5 Star Service for All Patients in Lakewood, CO. Custom Recovery Is Located at 12157 W Cedar Dr #212, Lakewood, CO 80228. Please Call at (303) 339-0709 to Book an Appointment With Dr. Leverrier.

I am so glad to have found Dr Reggie. She has been a huge support for me through an extremely challenging time of my life. From my very first contact with her and throughout the duration of being her patient, she has demonstrated dedication and support to me. Her knowledge, responsiveness, and patience with answering all of my questions so promptly makes her stand out from any doctor I have ever seen. She is commitment to working with me to making sure I receive the treatment I need. She worked me into her schedule when I really needed to see her. This I truly appreciated and am so grateful for. I feel very fortunate to have met Dr Reggie and highly recommend her.


When I started to see Dr. Reggie I would say that I was at the lowest of lows. It was a rough time in my life where I felt like I had no where to turn. At the time I was new to the city of Denver, and being from a small town in Arkansas it was a major change, so going through the things I had to go threw I felt like I had no where to turn. I didn’t have many friends, and I have no family within 1,000 miles. My dad recommended me to go see her just once and see how I liked it. I almost instantly had a change in mood. Dr. Reggie is great because she didn’t just sit there and ask questions about why I’m upset or anything like that. She would just listen to me vent about my problems and offer solutions to minimize the damage that I caused. Not just random solutions, but actual things I could take with me each week to be happier. She doesn’t just grill you with questions. She truly wants to know what is wrong by listening and then offering advice that will help lessen the pain you are feeling. She is funny, kind, and most importantly very caring about each client she has. From my first meeting to now is like night and day. When I see her we talk about the problems I have been facing, but I still always leave with a smile on my face because I know I’m ready for the week ahead by just following her advice.